Substance Abuse Research Alliance

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Share. Explore. Implement.

SARA envisions a future where private and public institutions effectively plan, implement, administer and evaluate substance use disorder (SUD) policies and programs that educate and improve the lives of citizens - across all ages, ethnicities, geographic locations and economic circumstances.  



Launched in January of 2016, SARA’s participants include researchers, practitioners and public health advocates with a wide spectrum of experience in substance use disorder (SUD) work.

Substance Abuse Research Alliance (SARA) is a program within the Georgia Prevention Project. As the organization’s first collaborative project , SARA initiated a“White Paper” study with a primary goal of assisting the Georgia State Legislature on their opioids and heroin work and research.

Over 200 participants

  • SARA participation includes representation from all Georgia public health and medical graduate schools, major university and college researchers across the state, the Georgia Department of Public Health, DBHDD, the CDC, several non-profit and for-profit organizations, and a number of state and local elected officials.


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